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The Importance Menstrual Hygiene

Good morning respected Elders, Teachers and Young ladies. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I am not going to take up too much of your time.

Society has brought to our attention the need for womanly resources so that they don't miss out on daily activities. What i mean by this is that many young females don't attend school during their monthly menstrual cycle, because they don't have the adequate resources.

On that note, I would like to thank all our sponsors in the private and retail sector. A special shoutout to AMKA products in Pretoria and Otees in Lydenburg for helping me lift off this project.

Now, I would like to briefly highlight the importance of hygiene during your menstrual cycle.

Good menstrual hygiene helps to protect you from bacterial infections, skin irritations and other health issues. So how can we do that? Its very simple...

  • Always wash your hands

  • Change your sanitary towel regularly

  • It is safe to shower or bath

  • Always carry tissues/wetwipes

  • Wrap your used sanitary towel and it in a dustbin


Each pack consists of sanitary towels, wetwipes, roll on, deodorant and a chocolate.

Remember all of you are special and you were born to do GREAT THINGS, so BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

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